K Laser Tape Measure

Versatile three-in-one measurement tool


Have the right tool for different occasions

Laser measure covers longer range measurements

Tape measure covers line drawing and short range measurements

Digital display reads each laser and tape measurement

Large display
Automatic unit conversion

Are you ever having a problem reading the markings on a tape measure? Each measurement is now displayed on a screen that is easily readable.


Automatic unit conversion - convert between different units instantly.

  Simple and Powerful

  • The K laser tape measure takes the guesswork out of important projects. The backlit large LCD screen displays the tape measure's distance down to one mm accuracy, independent of the environment lighting, and forgoing a magnifying glass to see the small marks on the tape blade.
  • The K measure covers a distance up to one and three fourth of a basketball court and provides a tape measure's accuracy. It is a measuring tool for many places.


  Smooth and Intuitive

  • The wheel user interface reaches any feature and function directly and smoothly without cycling through many options to find the one needed. After measuring the dimension of an item, the K measure can smoothly transition into measuring an item's position in relation to other items.
  • The wheel arrangement provides quick access to all features within one or two steps. The continuous measurement mode provides a min-max measurement.



  • The large backlit LCD screen takes the guesswork out of measuring. The measurement recorded by the tape measure is read exactly to the LCD display down to the one mm without the help of a magnifying glass. The large display eliminates errors easily possible under various lighting conditions.
  • The laser measure accuracy is 1/16 in or 2 mm.
  • The tape measure accuracy is 1/16 in or 1 mm.




3.3 x 1.9 x 3.4 in or 84 x 47 x 86 mm


12.7 oz or 361 g

Laser Measure Distance  

165 ft or 50 m

Tape Measure Length

16 ft or 5 m

Laser Class  

Class 2

Tape Blade Width

1 inch or 25 mm

Tape Blade Material

High Carbon Steel


98 inch or 2500 mm

Tape Accuracy

1/16 in or 1 mm

Laser Accuracy

1/16 in or 2 mm

Laser Measurement Mode  

Single Measurement or Continuous measurement


ft / in / cm

Battery and Charger

1 cell 4.2 v USB connector

On and Off

Auto off - 5 minutes Auto on - pull tape blade

or press laser button

Sold out