HISS laser Tape Measure Two-In-One Digital Distance Measure 196ft

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  • ACCURACY: long range measuring with extreme accuracy up to 196 feet to within 1/8 inch, combined with a 16 feet tape measure for added versatility. Strong laser strength with a lower level of diffraction, ensuring more accuracy downrange.
  • VERSATILITY: a 16 ft tape measure with US units and metric units for close up and hands-on measurement, a 196 ft laser measure for a longer reach. Convert units between feet-inch, inch (1/16th), inch decimal, feet decimal, meter.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: a clear display with backlighting increases each measurement's readability in any environment.
  • RUGGED BUILD & MAGNETIC HOOK: the device is built to last with a strong internal structure and a nylon coating exterior. The tape measure has a magnetic hook, so it can be attached to any magnetic surface for easy measuring.
  • COMPACT: small dimensions easy fit in a pocket, contain one laser tape measure, 2 AAA batteries, and one user manual. Class IIA laser product, less than 1mw power output.

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Versatile Tape Laser Measure Robust Build High Accuracy Long Reach - A combination of useful utility features

  • Rugged structure fit for tough conditions on a worksite.
  • AAA battery powered without the need to wait for a battery recharge, replace AAA batteries under a minute.
  • Magnetic hook on the tape blade head, easy attachment to metal objects.
  • Quality tape resistant to wear.
  • Well designed lens providing consistency and accuracy.
  • Longest reach in the class laser measure, compact and powerful.


Combining two excellent tools into one

Extend reach with a 196 feet laser measure that is 65 feet longer than comparable models


  • A digital readout screen visible under various environments, the backlight illuminates readings in reduced visibility conditions.
  • Readings quickly convert from US units to metric units, between meter, inch, feet inch, feet, decimal, and fraction.


Improved laser structure with a larger lens and a larger reception space

Longer Rayleigh length improves measurement accuracy


  • The lens size is much larger than comparable models, similar to a dedicated full-size laser measure. The increased lens size increases the quality of light entering the reception space, which improves the measurement quality in an environment with substantial interference such as sunlight, external reflections, or weather conditions.
  • Enlarged reception space provides a smaller divergence angle in the laser measurement, increasing quality and consistency.
  • Rayleigh length of a laser beam is the distance along the propagation direction of a beam from the waist to the place where the cross section's area is doubled. This number shows how focused the laser beam is to the depth of focus. Longer Rayleigh length decreases the angle of divergence, which improves the quality.


Laser accuracy

± 1/16 in


Inch, feet, meter, centimeter, millimeter, fraction, decimal

Tape accuracy

± 1/32 in

Storage Humidity


Measurement mode

single distance / continuous real-time distance

Tape Width

.74 in


AAA Battery x 2

Tape Material

Hadfield steel


± .35 in

Tape Coating


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