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K Laser Tape Measure

What is the measurement range?

The measurement blade is 16 feet or 5 meters. The laser measure is 160 feet or 50 meters. The accuracy is 1 mm.

Does the display readout work on tape measurement?

The display provides an extra large readout with a backlit screen. So we can be sure the readout is clear in many difficult lighting environments. The display reads laser measurements and tape measurements. The answer is yes, the tape measurement is read on the display. The laser measure and the tape measure cannot be used at the same time. This device has only one display screen. This device can switch between the tape measure and the laser measure quickly.

How to recharge the battery?

This device contains a rechargeable battery. The one cell 4.2 V battery is located on the backside. The charging port is located on the bottom right, next to the battery light. A rubber cover protects the micro-USB charging port. Open the rubber protector, plugin with a micro-USB cable, and charge for two to three hours. The battery light turns green after a complete charge. Each charge should last three to six months of regular use.

Is it water proof?

This is water resistant, but not water proof. Yes, feel free to use it in rain and do not worry about a wet environment. No, do not use it underwater.

How to reset the device?

Let the battery run out or discharge the battery then recharge.

What's the size and weight?

1 lbs and 3.15 x 3 x 1.5 in.

How is it different from other laser tape measures?

  • The display reading is twice or three times larger than similar products. Have accurate reading displayed in all types of environment.
  • Tape measurement is displayed the same way as laser measurement, no longer do we need a magnifying glass to see the fine prints on the tape measure, or count how many marks it is.

How to switch the units?

This device can switch between five units. (1) 1' 2 3/4'' feet-inch-fraction (2) 123 4/5'' inch-fraction (3) 12.3'' inch (4) 1.23' feet (5) 123.4 cm. Use the unit conversion button which is the bottom one labeled in/cm. Conversion can take place before or after each measurement.

K Digital Tape Measure

What type of battery does it use? How to change the battery?

CR2032 - this is a common coin battery. Open the battery port on the backside and put in another battery. What if the battery port is stuck? Slide the battery port sideways, not up or down. There is a lock button with an arrow printed next to the switch. Move the lock in the same direction as the arrow points, then the battery port becomes unlocked. Pull the battery port away from the tape to open the battery compartment.

What is the accuracy?

The display reads inch up to 1/16th, or 1 mm. Using the metric unit is slightly more accurate since 1/16 in. is 1.5 mm. The tape blade has inch on one side and cm on the other.

What type of units is displayed? Can I convert units with this?

There are five types of unit displays programmed.

(1) Feet - inch - fraction 1' 2-3/4''

(2) Inch - fraction 12-3/4''

(3) Inch - 123.4''

(4) Feet - 1.23'

(5) Centimeter 123.4 cm

Units can be converted before or after a measurement.

How to turn it off?

Auto turn off in 5 minutes.

How to reset the digital tape?

Press and hold the button on the right for 10 seconds.

Is it water proof?

This device is water resistant. It will work in rain or have water splashed on the device. It is not waterproof, so cannot use this on a scuba trip or take it to a swimming poo

M Laser Tape Measure

How to change the battery?

The battery compartment is located on the backside. A Phillips screw is located on the right side of the back cover. Use the screw driver that comes with the package to open the cover. Insert two AAA batteries. Close the battery compartment. Press the READ button until the display turns on.

How to use the laser measure?

Press the READ button on the laser. Press again for measurement. Hold the UNIT button to switch between units, or measurement modes.

What are the units displayed?

The tape blade displays inch and centimeter. The laser displays six different units.

(1) Feet 1.23 ft

(2) Feet - inch - fraction 1'23''4/5

(3) Inch - fraction 1'' 2/3

(4) Inch - 1.23 in.

(5) Meter 1.23 m

(6) Meter 1.234 m

How to calibrate the laser measure?

Wait for the device to be off. Press UNIT then READ to start the rebooting. Hold READ, wait for CAL to appear on the screen, then release READ. Now the device is in calibration mode. Adjust the calibration results. Adjust it by UNIT. Save the date by press READ.

What's the accuracy level?

The tape blade is accurate to 1mm or 1/16 inch. The laser is accurate to 2 mm.

What is the range?

The tape is 16 feet or 5 meters in length. The laser measure range is 131 feet or 40 meters.

Is it waterproof?

It is not waterproof.

How is this different from other devices?

This device utilizes two AAA batteries, which supply more power to the laser measure. The laser measure works in different lighting conditions better than other similar devices because of the higher power supply. It is not as sophisticated as the K Laser Measure, but it is effective and gets

Speaker Lamp

How to change the color?

First turn on the speaker lamp. Press the power on button. Once the light is on with natural light color, swipe the top of the touch lamp. Press and hold for a couple seconds until one color is on. Swipe left or right to toggle between different colors. There are three levels of brightness. Red, blue, green, purple, cyan, alternating color, and natural light.

How to connect the speaker?

Pair through Bluetooth, connect with an AUX cord, connect with a USB cable, or put in a micro SD card with music.

How to charge it?

Charge through the micro-USB port. The indicator light on the front shows if the charge is completed. The charging time from empty to full is between two to three hours.

How to turn it on or off?

Press and hold the power button.

How long will it stay on?

The lamp can stay on indefinitely if the USB cable is connected. Without external power the lamp speaker will work for five hours on battery power.

Is it waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof.

How long will this light last?

LEDs last much longer than regular light bulbs.

Is the LED bulb replacable?

No, the LEDs cannot be replaced.

Does it need a cord to work?

Bluetooth connection is available, a cord is not needed.

Do I need to install an app?

No app is required.

Can I use it outside?

Yes. This is designed to be portable. The internal battery can power the lamp for a couple of hours.

S Wand

How to turn it on?

Put in four AA batteries, or use a cord and adapter for the 6 V plug. Press and hold the ON/OFF button.

What kind of power does it use?

This device requires four AA batteries or a 6 V adapter.

Why does the light turn off when I move it vertically?

Direct UV light exposure is not good for someone's health. That is why we use sunscreen. The UV light turns off if the device is placed vertically, so the light will not cause accidental harm.  

How long does it take to clean a place?

The light intensity is 2500 uw/cm2 which translates to under one minute for personal items such as wallet, phone, or keys. The application distance should be between 6 to 12 inches. Larger items such as a table or kitchen counter requires several minutes of cleaning.

What type of UV is it?

There are three types of UV light, UVA (400-315 nm), UVB (315-280 nm), and UVC (280-100 nm). This device emits all three types of UV spectrum with a peak delivery in UVC spectrum.

How long will this last?

The device is rated for 8,000 hrs.

UV Bulb

How does it work?

This is a LED bulb with three UVC LED emitters. It works the same way how a regular LED bulb works. Install the bulb on a lamp. Turn it on.

Can I install it on a regular lamp?

Yes, on a E26/E27 base.

What type of UV is it?

This bulb is in the UVC spectrum.

How long will it last?

The bulb is rated for 15,000 hrs.