Digital Display Laser Angle Finder 2 in 1 Laser Level and Digital Angle Finder - Combine line Laser Leveler and Digital Angle Gauge into one - Large LCD Screen with backlighting

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  • 【Cast laser lines with exact angles on a surface 】 This device combines a digital angle finder and a line laser level into one and performs both functions at the same time. The laser level is no longer limited to one position fixed by gravity, and the laser level now casts a line in both directions to the exact degree measured by the angle finder. This device provides the freedom to case laser lines 45 degrees, 30 degrees, 60 degrees, or any particular degree against a surface.
  • 【Digital inclinometer with a large backlit LCD display 】 This digital angle gauge comes with a large LCD display that functions in all sorts of lighting conditions. The readouts are crystal clear and easy to see in bright spaces as well as dimly lit spaces. The screen size is more than twice as large as other digital angle gauges.
  • 【 Precise angle measurements 】Two modes: Absolute Measurement (ABS) and Relative Measurement (REF). The digital level measures 360°(4*90°) measuring range. The accuracy is ±0.1°. This angle measurement tool has a self-calibration feature and a hold angle feature.
  • 【Two magnetic attachment bases】 This device features two magnetic attachment bases, one on the bottom side of the metal case, designed for the angle finder feature. Another magnetic attachment base is located on the back of the device, designed for attaching to walls and other types of vertical surfaces. This device can be attached to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is easily attachable to a wall, then case the laser lines precisely parallel to the ground or at an exact angle.
  • 【A laser level finder with a built-in battery 】This Wall laser level has a rechargeable battery that supports several hours of continuous operation. Save money and forget the need to purchase a battery; simply plug in the USB-C charging cable, and this laser angle finder is ready to go again in no time. CLASS II Laser Product
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    Accurate laser level with flexibility in combination with a digital angle gauge

    This 2-in-1 device combines a digital angle finder with a line laser. This device functions as a line laser level and a digital angle finder. The line laser is no longer limited to the horizontal axis, and the angle gauge allows the line laser to be cast at exact degrees.

    Large backlit screen easy to read

    The screen is 1.44 inches in height and width, which is 2 inches diagonally. The display digits are large, and the reference symbols are easy to read. The screen is readable in low light or low visibility situations with the back-illuminated display.

    Magnetic Attachment Base One

    Attach the device easily to a flat surface on a wall, cast the line lasers, or measure any item without the use of adhesives or fasteners.

    Magnetic Attachment Base Two

    Attach the device vertically to a flat surface. Measure angles quickly.

    Illuminated Display

    This device functions well in well-lit areas as well as low lighting areas.

    Simple Control

    A Three-button control panel offers easy access to both line laser level and digital angle measurement features.

    Accurate and Versatile

    This 2-in-1 device offers accurate measurement and numerous features in a small but precise package. Pull out the laser angle finder, and it is ready to go.

    Durable and Reliable

    This device is enclosed in an IP54 case, offering resistance to wear and weather. The device is rechargeable through a USB-C port, commonly used on smartphones.


    Angle Gauge

    360 degree, 2x180 degree, 4x90 degree

    Line Laser Count


    Angle Guage Accuracy

    0.2 degree

    Angle Measurement Modes

    Absolute, Relative

    Angle Measurement Unit

    Degree, Percentage

    Charging Port

    Type C

    Water Proof Level


    Magnetic Attachment

    Two - back and bottom

    Laser Level

    Two Directions


    2.5 x 2.5 x 1.25 inch

    Screen Size

    1.44 inch


    3.7 oz


    3.7 V 300 mAh

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