HISS Color LED Light Bars With Smart Lighting, RGBIC Ambient Backlighting With Multiple Color Modes And Lightshow Modes, Remote Control and App Control, Digital Multicolor Ambient Light Bar Pair With Smart LED Ambience Lighting, Music Sync, Two Light Bars

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  • Colorful lighting and brightness control through RGBIC - offering a spectrum of colors and numerous settings. The innovative display offers an endless stream of colors and lights. The light bars come with preprogrammed twelve light shows, ten ambient background modes, and four music modes.
  • Music and voice - synced lighting modes linking the colors and light movement to music or voice. Have the light bars activate and display on music beats with four music modes or user-programmed modes based on sensitivity, style, and tempo. Enjoy endless excitement through user DIY modes.
  • Connected and smart control - the rgb light bars are connected through remote control or the phone app. The smart light bars can be synced through physical wires connecting the controllers or connected to other devices wirelessly through the phone app.
  • The user DIY mode offers a pinpoint control of the fifteen segments of each bar in color, brightness, and activation sequence. The timer and scheduler features enable great timing and planning actions.
  • Easy installation and placement - the color led bars can be installed in a variety of fashions suitable to a user's preference. The color led light bases have a horizontal and a vertical position. Place the light bars vertically or horizontally on a surface. Additional placement is offered through adhesives and mounting pads, enabling mounting on the back of a TV or a screen.
  • Multi-use color LED light for decoration, entertainment, or ambient lighting. Great as wall lights functioning as moving color decoration pieces. Great as a part of a gaming station, have color and light reacting to gaming music beats or sound effects. Great as ambient lighting around a TV or other entertainment station.
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    Capture incredible moments with mesmerizing color and rhythm

    This pair of RGBIC light bars display colors and lighting for the right moment on demand. The light bars come with pre-programmed light shows for active entertainment, flowing and calm ambient backgrounds for relaxation, and voice or beat-synced light displays to become a part of any music.


    Portable and flexible - easy to install and remove

    The flow color light bars offer advantages over traditional LED light strips with better portability, more flexibility, and durability. This device is excellent for spur of the moment or passion projects, and it comes with easy-to-install and removes host bases and surface mounts. Place this anywhere, then move it without a second thought when another placement becomes more desirable. This easy placement feature eliminates the hassle associated with adhesives and complicated installation required by a LED strip light.

    Good for gaming

    Match the ambient background with gaming sound effects or music. The light bars come with a selection of colors and shades. The brightness is adjustable. Multi color display simultaneously is supported.

    Hassle-free light decoration

    This pair of light bars is designed with decoration and style in mind. The bars do not stand out when off due to the smooth edges and the blend in shape. The light bars turn into interesting decorations with lights and rhythm after being turned on. The pair comes with a base that fixes into a vertical position and a horizontal position. Additional mounting options are available.



    11 x 1.7 x 1.3 inch


    3.7 oz x 2


    App, Remote Control




    5V DC

    LED Segment Groups




    Ambient Backgrounds


    Music Modes




    Voice Control


    User Made Sequences


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